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Review your trades and receive $100 off an annual subcription of Tradefox Pro per 5 trade reviews.

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With Trade Reviews, you can score a company based on three things: their integrity, the shipping process and the material quality. You can also report if a claim has been filed. Reviewing trades usually take just a few seconds. 

Start reviewing today and receive $100 off an annual subscription of Tradefox Pro per 5 trade reviews.

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The Tradefox Virtual Networking Conference is the largest online networking event for professionals in the global trade of recyclables. 

Learn the latest and greatest trends, gain actionable tips and insights from amazing speakers, and connect with new reliable trading partners.

*Maximum of one year free per company member

Receive up to 100% discount on your Tradefox Pro Annual Subscription*

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Tradefox has a wonderfully easy platform that we can navigate to suit our requirements. With growing uncertainties in the market, this is just what we need to make our life easier! 

Anupa Pradhan


Tradefox is leading the way for all of us on how we will operate in the future in our industry. 

Salman Shaban
Lucky Group

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Tradefox is a

2. Who will find this networking  conference interesting?


3. Where and when will this conference take place?

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4. How much do the tickets cost?

Tickets are 300 euros 

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